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Customer loyalty solutions

Customer Loyalty Solutions & Rewards

Get to know your customers better with our customer loyalty solutions.

Through targeted promotions or earning rewards, you can increase footfall, bring in new customers and incentivise customers to spend more; in return your customer enjoys a more personal, relevant experience. Cashless is a more secure, convenient and faster way for people to pay, reducing costs and increasing average spend per transaction.

Customer Loyalty solutions

Symphony Loyalty

A real-time reward and customer loyalty solution designed to increase footfall at POS by targeting customers with tailored offers.


Loyalty solutions

An easy and additional way for your customers to engage and pay for your product.

Multiple purses*

  • Configurable to manage subsidies, bursaries, personal cash, loyalty etc.

  • Bespoke restrictions and timeframes can be set for when purse is active


*This function is mainly used in Higher Education where a parent/student benefits by having regular meals that have already been budgeted for and the university benefits by receiving the payment upfront.

Flexible user ID options

  • Contactless card/tag for fast scanning at POS

  • Use the SymPAY app to generate a QR code at till


Additional features

  • Auto top-up

  • Transaction histories

  • Account balances and points

  • Symphony Loyalty comes as standard with SymPAY

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