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Managed Data Services

We make managing your EPOS data our business, so you can get on with yours.

When a client doesn’t already have a Data Manager in place to manage their new EPOS solution from MCR Systems, there can be a challenge for the client to get this resource in post before the EPOS project starts in earnest. A secondary obstacle is then selecting, recruiting and training the right person to fill this role. How can MCR Systems help you to overcome this problem?


Dedicated Managed Data services

Take advantage of MCR Systems Managed Data Service either as a full-service solution, or as a hybrid model. The Full Service means we take care of all your data management needs, and the hybrid model gives invaluable assistance allowing you the flex to support your own Data Management Team in key activities.

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  • MCR can convert your requirements into solutions enabling you to focus on running your business, not your systems.

  • No need to recruit a full time Data Manager to manage and own your Symphony System

  • No impact if your Data Manager leaves your business

  • No training and re-training costs to keep your Data Manager up to date

  • MCR Team are experts and fully understand the Symphony suite

  • Make best use of new features as they are released. The MCR Team understand how to optimise your services making use of new features as they become available.

  • Annual Data Review helping to ensure your data stays relevant, accurate and up to date

  • Committing to a Managed Data contract, could allow you to benefit from discounted ad-hoc Professional Service rates.

  • No hidden or unexpected costs allowing you to plan effectively

  • Scalable: As more of your sites on-board, our team can cater for any increase in demand on Managed Data Services, meaning you don't need to recruit and train additional staff to manage your estate.

  • Responsive Service: Access to a wider team means you have no pinch points when your Data Manager is absent from the business on Leave/Sickness, or with short lead time projects or when there is a sudden influx of Data Requests.

Types of Data Management

  • Ad-hoc Simple Changes: Prices | New Products | Screen Layout | Till Operators | Minor Configuration | Activate a promotion | And more…

  • Ad-hoc Impact Changes: Price Levels | Payment Methods | Promotions | Tax Configuration | Condiments | And more…

  • New Menu Launch: Significant menu changes | Many new products | Replacing existing menus

  • New Site/Outlet Data Build: Configuring a brand New Site within an existing database. Each build is specific to outlet operation.

  • Loyalty/Cashless and Pre-Order: Configuration | Products |Menus | Scheduling | User Administration | Rules Management | Digital Voucher Configuration

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