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Payment Solutions

From contactless through to mobile apps, MCR are at the forefront of payment solution technology

Chip & PIN

Integrated Chip & PIN with contactless payment providing retailers with fast, efficient and secure card payment processing.


SymPAY payment solution

SymPAY is an integrated 'closed loop' payment option through a mobile app or contactless card. 


The app can be branded and provides a quick top-up function for customers as well as being able to view purse balances and link through to the customer web portal.

  • Retailer gets the cash in advance

  • Payment restricted to retailer outlets

  • Transaction charge per top-up (not per transaction)

  • Far greater control over accessibility and benefits

  • Builds customer retention


Being a 'closed loop' system means the retailer gets to know when their customers are spending, how much they are spending, what they are spending on, and where they are spending.


The SymPAY marketing manager software uses this data and you can filter account details to drive marketing campaigns and targeted offers via scheduled email or app notifications.


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