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6 Benefits of Click & Collect

Restaurants and cafes may be opening their doors to the public once again, but the demand for takeaways and Click & Collect services seems to be here to stay!

According to a survey of UK restaurants by delivery service City Pantry, 98% of all businesses that offered takeaway services during the pandemic are planning to continue to offer this additional service for the foreseeable future.

It’s easy to see why, here are just some of the benefits:

1. Increased revenue

Click & Collect provides you with the opportunity to upsell. You can showcase side dishes, desserts and drinks, as well as offers such as meal deals.

2. Reduced food wastage

Customers can clearly see what they're ordering and even customise dishes. This means there’s significantly less chance that the order will be wrong, and food will be wasted.

3. Allergen and nutritional information

You can easily create and display up-to-date menus which include important allergen and nutritional information, allowing customers to filter and search menus based on their dietary requirements and preferences.

4. Manage order capacity

You don’t have to become overwhelmed with orders at peak times. You can set your Click & Collect system to reduce how many orders are accepted.

5. Grow your customer database

Click & Collect helps you expand your database for future marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes. Not only that, it gives you vital insight into customer spending habits and trends to help you launch these campaigns effectively.

6. EPOS integration

Orders placed through a Click & Collect solution can automatically link with your EPOS system, which provides a seamless link to your kitchen. This gives customers a real-time view of your stock and menu availability. It also provides a co-ordinated and structured approach which avoids the need to double key data, helping minimise the chance of human error.

To find out more about our Click & Collect solution click here or call 0116 299 7000 today.


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