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Advice to Customers COVID-19

We take our duty of care to our employees, customers and clients very seriously, and we will continue to monitor developments of the COVID-19 outbreak. MCR Systems are working closely with our customers to provide advice and guidance.

Advice to customers

The main features of the article are:

  • The importance of thoroughly cleaning your hardware with antibacterial products

  • Encouraging staff to wash their hands throughout the day

  • Supplying hand sanitiser throughout your premises, particularly at food outlets

Event of Closure

In the event that your business is closed, we ask that your systems remain switched on and running. This will allow our team to carry out remote upgrades and close any outstanding cases.

Ongoing Support

Our team is here to support you. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have contingency plans in place that will allow us to keep on supporting you. In the event of either or both of our offices closing for isolation purposes, our helpdesk technicians will continue to work as normal from home. To facilitate ongoing support, our customers can continue to call or submit support tickets through our website.


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