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Consumers Choosing Deliveries Over Collection When Ordering In

The way we approach dining has undergone a transformation in recent years. One of the most notable shifts in at-home ordering habits is the move to food deliveries over traditional takeaways.

Food deliveries

Data released in December 2023 from Britain’s top managed restaurant groups revealed that deliveries are increasing, while takeaways are decreasing in popularity. Consumers now prefer the convenience of enjoying their meals from the comfort of their homes, steering away from the hassle of personally collecting their orders.

For restaurants looking to capitalise on the delivery trend, software and seamless integrations with popular delivery platforms is key.

Mobile apps and online ordering software make ordering easy, providing real-time tracking, and offering consumers secure payment options. Many food delivery platforms also run promotions, discounts and loyalty programs, enticing consumers to choose delivery over traditional takeaways.

MCR Systems Online Ordering solution seamlessly integrates with major delivery services like Deliveroo, providing a powerful tool to help your business meet consumer needs. Our fast and innovative platform has helped the food-to-go sector reach new customers and increase sales.

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