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Experience Effortless Data Analysis With Power BI – Coming Soon to SymLIVE

In today’s digital age, data is essential for decision-making and optimising business strategies. To ensure our clients make the most of their data and its valuable insights, we’ve enhanced SymLIVE, our business reporting tool, to now feature Power BI.

Power BI is designed to transform data analysis into an enjoyable and accessible experience. It consolidates raw data from Point-of-Sale sources and translates it into comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports. Explore some of its key features below:

Interactive Reporting

It's not just about viewing data; it's about interacting with it, asking questions, and uncovering answers using our intelligent Interactive Reporting. This allows you to drill down into the information that matters most to you.

Intelligent Insights

Navigate through your data effortlessly with our Intelligent Insights feature. It acts as your personal guide, highlighting crucial trends and patterns to make complex information more understandable and actionable.

BYO (Build-your-Own) Reporting

For those who love customisation, our BYO (Build-your-Own) Reporting Options allow you to create reports that fit your specific needs.

Education Microsoft Power BI License

Work in the education sector? Make the most of your Education Microsoft Power BI - a robust tool crafted to empower data-driven decision-making.

Getting Started

You can access all these features from SymLIVE, your one-stop portal for data insights. And there’s more to look forward to! We’re planning to launch new features in H2 2024, expanding our Power BI reporting capabilities.

For more information about SymLIVE and it’s benefits, please contact our team here.


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