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Hospitality staff shortage – can technology help?

It’s no secret that hospitality has been one of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic, with prolonged periods of closure and uncertainty. However, as restrictions are relaxed, the sector is now faced with further delays to its recovery due to recruitment.

Why is there a sudden shortage of staff?

A combination of furloughed staff taking on new roles and Brexit have impacted staffing levels in the UK. This has made it a struggle for businesses to provide the same speed and level of service that customers are used to.

How technology can help

There's hope that the situation will resolve itself after the summer. In the meantime, businesses in the hospitality sector need to find ways to fill the gap as bookings and customer demand increases. One way businesses can achieve this is through technology.

Last year, we launched SymPOS GO, a fully portable all-in-one POS and payment solution that allows you to take payments anywhere. SymPOS GO reduces queue times, providing a quicker, more efficient service for customers. It’s already playing a key role in helping our clients navigate their recent labour shortages and increased demand.

For the full features and to find out more about SymPOS GO, please click here or call our team on 0116 299 7000 to book your demo.


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