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Hosting Platform - February 2019 Update

With our clients data spanning over 300 databases and having a mix of Symphony Enterprise, Symphony Loyalty or often both solutions, the programme has thrown up some interesting challenges for the Migrations Team - who have now racked up over 1000 hours on the project. Split over three phases, our Migrations Team firstly needed to complete 'Prime' tests on over 6000 tills throughout the United Kingdom. These tests ensure your tills and network are ready for the migration. Phase 2 is completed internally. In order to better handle the network traffic and enhance security from the Symphony suite, we've altered your routes into our networks - meaning your transmitted data is completely isolated. Finally, Phase 3 sees your databases and tills moved to the new infrastructure and it's during this phase that we've needed to take you offline for a short period whilst the databases are once again made available for your days trading. We'd like to thank all our customers for their support and assistance during these phases of work - often taking the time to assist us run tests and support the diagnosis of the very minimal issues we've had. As we've entered 2019; The MCR Systems Migrations Team now have a final push to complete the remaining clients still on our old infrastructure. If you have been migrated, we'd love to get some feedback - whether your processing times have improved, or if you feel things should be better, please do contact our Migrations Team using the email address below. If you've not been migrated yet and would like an update, please contact the MCR Systems Migrations Team on We look forward to speaking with you in due course.


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