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How a Mobile POS System Can Help Your Restaurant This Christmas

After an uncertain December 2020, the hospitality sector is gearing up for a busy Christmas this year, as consumers look to enjoy the festivities once again. With Christmas parties booking up fast, we take a look at how our mobile POS system – SymPOS GO - can help your restaurant keep up with demand this December.

Reduce wait times With the hospitality sector still struggling with staff shortages, SymPOS GO can help improve operations. Orders and payments can be taken from the same terminal, helping cut down the time it takes to serve multiple tables.

Fewer mistakes Orders can be entered directly on your SymPOS GO device and sent through to the kitchen, lowering the chances of orders being written incorrectly or getting lost.

Fast & secure payments No more going back-and-forth with change. SymPOS GO provides fast and secure contactless payments, to provide a more efficient service during peak times.

Increased profits Not only are you able to serve tables quickly, helping get more diners through the door, there’s also the opportunity to upsell. A mobile POS like SymPOS GO can provide your team with reminders, such as side orders and special deals.

Accurate dish information Pubs and restaurants are not directly affected by Natasha's Law, but they have been advised to provide allergen information for their customers. SymPOS GO can give your team access to important allergen information to help them answer your diners’ questions competently.

To help get your restaurant ready for a busy Christmas and to find out more about the benefits of SymPOS GO, please click here or email to arrange your demo.


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