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How Technology Can Help Hospitality Manage Labour Shortages This Summer

The hospitality sector is gearing up for a bustling summer, with new research from hiring platform highlighting the industry's scramble to fill 990,000 seasonal jobs. Major events like the Olympics, the Euros, and Taylor Swift’s UK tour have prompted 80% of hospitality businesses to increase their staffing levels.

Recruitment Challenges in the Hospitality Sector

The study, which surveyed 100 hospitality hiring decision-makers and 2,000 UK workers, highlights the challenge of a local talent shortage. One in four businesses, including pubs, bars, hotels, and restaurants, report difficulties in finding available talent in their area.

Utilising Technology to Tackle Labour Shortages

As the hospitality sector grapples with these labour challenges this summer, technology is playing a crucial role in mitigating the impact. Solutions like SymPOS GO and SymPOS GO Landscape, mobile EPOS and payment systems, are helping businesses manage staffing issues more efficiently. By streamlining service operations, SymPOS GO and SymPOS GO Landscape can significantly reduce queues during peak times and enhance overall service efficiency, allowing businesses to operate effectively with fewer staff members.

These mobile solutions offer a range of features designed to optimise customer experience and reduce the burden on hospitality staff. They allow for quick and easy payment processing, which minimises wait times and improves order accuracy. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reduces the stress on employees.

In addition to mobile EPOS and payment solutions, self-service kiosks can also help hotels and hospitality businesses manage staff shortages.  These kiosks enable customers to place orders, customise their choices, and make payments independently, reducing the reliance on staff for taking and processing orders. This not only alleviates the workload on the existing staff but also minimises wait times, enhancing customer satisfaction.

By embracing these innovations, businesses can maintain high service standards and improve operational efficiency, ultimately benefiting both customers and staff.

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