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How to Get Your Loyalty Scheme Right

Have you thought about launching a customer loyalty scheme next year? Loyalty schemes are a successful way to increase engagement with your brand, helping attract new customers, retain customers and incentivise them to spend more.

However, to generate the results you need, it’s important you get your loyalty scheme right! We’ve put together some top tips to help:

Make it easy Avoid lengthy registration processes and rules and conditions when redeeming rewards. Make it clear to customers why they should sign up to your program and what they’ll get out of it.

Don’t make it too hard to earn rewards. Consider having some elements activate instantly once they join up, giving them motivation to keep spending.


Incentives like discounts or loyalty points work best if they’re tailored to customers’ preferences.

The best way to improve your understanding of your customer base and create a relevant personal experience is by using your data wisely. Every transaction gives you an insight into their spending habits and behaviour, which can help you develop desirable customer rewards.

Consistent branding

Your rewards scheme should be well thought out and consistent with your brand. Whether it’s VIP luxury, or a fun factor you want to offer, your scheme will be more effective and appealing to your customers if it is an extension of your brand.

Be creative

Positive word of mouth will really help to grow your business. So, by being more creative with what you’re offering, you’ll get your customers talking about your scheme and sharing their experiences.

Making your rewards stand out, whether it is an exclusive benefit, reward or VIP experience, will mean customers are more likely to choose your business over one of your competitors.

Go digital

Going digital and getting rid of paper loyalty cards is environmentally friendly, reduces costs and is much more convenient for customers. Especially as they don't run the risk of losing their loyalty card and missing out on their rewards! Whether it’s a mobile app or a dedicated website, give your customers a dedicated space to track their progress and exchange points for rewards.

To find out more about how our Symphony Loyalty solution can help your business increase footfall with tailored offers, book your free demo on 0116 299 7000 or email


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