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Loyalty programme - keep customers coming back for more

New customers are great, but it’s also important not to forget about existing ones.

It’s only natural to want to grow your customer base, but you should also be paying close attention to your current customers and how you can keep them coming back for more, especially in this challenging climate. One way to achieve this is by implementing a loyalty programme, which can benefit both your customer and your business. Here’s how:


The most obvious benefit to your business is improved retention. Customers want to build up their points to achieve rewards or exclusive benefits, which means they will be tempted to favour your business over one of your competitors.

Valuable data

What separates a good loyalty programme from a great one is how it uses data. Most individuals are willing to share a little extra information in return for loyalty rewards. You can use this valuable information to improve your understanding of your customer base.

Peronalised experience

Access to important customer data means you can give customers more of what they love! Incentives like discounts or loyalty points work best if they’re adjusted to customers’ preferences and behaviours.

Satisfied customer

Customer satisfaction is more important now than ever before. A good loyalty programme helps build important relationships and shows customers you care. You can increase appreciation by incorporating ‘surprise’ rewards or points on special occasions like a customer’s birthday.

Attract new customers

Whilst we may be focusing on how to retain customers, loyalty programmes can play a key role in getting new customers through the door, by helping you stand out from the competition.

To find out more about our Symphony Loyalty solution and how it can help your business increase footfall with tailored offers, call us on 0116 299 7000 or email


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