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Making the most of Menu Engineering reports

Did you know...

From day one, the MCR Systems Symphony Reporting tool has included Menu Engineering reports.

These valuable reports can guide you on the performance and profitability of your product range.

How it works:

Products are analysed on sales value and quantity vs. product costs. This means they can be categorised into one of the following:

1. Stars - extremely popular with a high contribution margin. Ideally, Stars should be your flagship or signature products 2. Plough Horses - sell well but do not significantly increase revenue

3. Puzzles - difficult to sell but have a high profit margin 4. Dogs - difficult to sell and, when they do, they are not all that profitable

Getting started:

The Menu Engineering reports are located within the Performance Analysis reports in the Symphony Reporting Suite. To get started, call our team on 0116 299 7000.


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