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MCR’s Service Charge Function Helps Tortilla Raise Over £35,000 in a Month for Ukraine

We were recently approached by our client Tortilla - the UK's largest fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain – to help implement a round-up/donation feature so the brand could raise money for Ukraine.

Our Symphony solution integrates with Pennies – the digital charity box. However, implementing Pennies would take time and the company was keen to start raising money immediately.

To put in place a solution quickly, we suggested using the Service Charge feature on our Symphony solution as a way of adding a donation to the bill. The Service Charge feature was changed to ‘donation’ on both the tills and receipts.

This new feature was added to the tills at the Tortilla branch in Oxford Circus as a trial on 7th March and then rolled out to all stores on the 9th March.

Our SymLive reporting tool provides a dedicated report for Services Charge, so the company was able to track all donations and then match it up to £10,000.

We are delighted that our Service Charge feature has helped Tortilla raise £35,020 for Ukraine (including their 10k match) in just a month!

To find out more about our flexible solution and how we help our clients with their requirements, call our team on 0116 299 7000.


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