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New Government Deposit Return Scheme to Boost Recycling

The government has announced the upcoming introduction of a new Deposit Return Scheme (DRS). A new cash incentive system, placing deposits on bottles and cans, to boost recycling in 2025.

 Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

Environment Minister, Rebecca Pow, says the scheme is set to encourage tens of millions of people to recycle their drinks bottles and cans to reduce litter and plastic pollution.

How the scheme will work

There will be dedicated sites where people can return their bottles and receive cashback. The scheme will introduce special machines known as reverse vending machines.


The expectation is that retailers who sell drinks covered by the scheme would also host a return point. Extensive work will be carried out to introduce new infrastructure and new labelling.

When will the scheme be introduced?

The new scheme is set to be introduced in 2025 and will cover England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The scheme aims to ensure 85% fewer drinks containers are discarded as litter by three years after the scheme is launched. Currently, 14 billion plastic drink bottles and nine billion drink cans are frequently littered or sent to landfill, with plastics polluting our green spaces, oceans and rivers.


The DRS scheme has already had success in other countries, with recycling rates in Germany, Finland and Norway above 90%, compared to UK rates currently falling short at 70%.


How MCR Systems can help


As a company committed to sustainability, our EPOS terminal can easily be programmed to handle returning deposits in exchange for returned bottles and cans. Making it more convenient to facilitate recycling and reduce litter, for a more sustainable future.


To book a free demo of our cutting-edge EPOS systems that can handle the Deposit Return Scheme with ease, call our expert team on 0116 299 7000, or email


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