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Safeguarding Our Consumer's Card Payments

MCR Systems are responsible data processors and handlers. An integral element of our offering is to maintain industry-leading security methods. This protects our customers, our business and consumers. The Symphony Suite offers a range of loyalty and payment services software capabilities. In accordance with this, MCR Systems have achieved the highest level of PCI certification.

PCI Compliance Guidelines

Payment services providers choose to be regulated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards guidelines (more commonly known as PCI DSS framework). This publication of payment security information has been developed by market-leading payments providers, including giants Mastercard and VISA. The regulations apply to any business conducting payment services through its offerings. The Symphony suite has the capability to offer payment services through multiple methods, including cash, card payments, loyalty apps and cashless purses. Ensuring these payments are protected is vital to us.

The Importance Of Compliance

Any responsible payments provider or processor should conform to the payment standards, as they offer multiple areas of benefit. Protecting organisations and their consumers, the security standards allow businesses to ensure they are acting appropriately with the vital data they hold. Data protection is key for every type of organisation. MCR Systems service multiple sectors including but not limited to Hospitality, restaurants, education, sports and entertainment. Improvements in payment security standards also correlate with General Data Protection Regulations, updated in May 2018 to further protect sensitive personal data.

MCR Systems are proud to have successfully undertaken a Level 1 onsite assessment commonly known as a Report on Compliance (ROC). To achieve this compliance, an independent audit is carried out by a qualified security assessor. The assessment consists of reviewing the processes and systems in place protecting data. Customers and partners of MCR Systems can be assured that we aim to remain at the forefront of payment technologies. Ensuring our services are up to date, robust and safe is of optimum importance.

Customer Implications

With multi-million pound generating customers in MCR Systems' repertoire, our customer data takes uppermost importance. From the largest international multistore to the independent retailer, the Symphony software is safeguarded by the highest level of Payment Security standards. MCR Systems actively maintain our market leading status, investing in futureproofing our software systems. This is both for our benefit and robustness, and our customers too. For customers processing card payments, the standards allow MCR systems to ensure our merchants are protected too.

To request additional information surrounding the payment protection standards which MCR systems have obtained, please do not hesitate to get in touch, our dedicated team of professionals will be willing to help.


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