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Secure Hosting Platform - May 2019 Update

With great pleasure we are able to announce that all client data has been migrated to our new robust and secure hosting environment. With your support we completed over 6000 POS ‘Prime’ tests (our tool to check your connectivity to our new network) and manually moved over 300 databases. All carefully choreographed with you, our clients, to ensure minimal disruption to onsite trading and online functionality.

The infrastructure upgrade project had some key deliverables;

Elevated Levels of Security

MCR now have a 24/7/365 team monitoring security events and incidents. With the inclusion of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) server and FIM (File Integrity Monitoring) server, there’s nothing that can happen without us knowing. We’ve also invested in next generation firewalls as well as database level encryption.

High Availability

This relates to our customers using MCR’s Loyalty and Cashless solutions. Should our servers have a hiccup, your database will be automatically reloaded on an alternative server in the blink of an eye. This means no downtime for you; and your customers will be none the wiser!

Load Balancing

Its important we give you the best and smoothest experience possible. Sometimes, servers can get busy. Here at MCR, we’ve doubled our estate and utilise F5 Load Balancing technology to ensure that you only ever connect to a server ready to process your requests.

Latest Technologies

To future-proof Symphony, and to protect your data, we’ve upgraded all of our back end server operating systems, all of our database technology and also security and intrusion detection systems.

I’m also pleased to announce that MCR Systems Limited have been fully assessed by an external Qualified Security Assessor as SAQ-A & SAQ-P2PE PCI DSS compliant.

Being SAQ-A & SAQ-P2PE PCI DSS compliant shows that we’ve again successfully passed the stringent tests required by the PCI Security Standards Council. Meeting this benchmark shows MCR take processing cardholder data seriously and, even though we’ve successfully achieved the accreditation, we continue to work pro-actively with our security experts to keep our systems as secure as possible.


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