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Why Is Self-Serve Technology Becoming Popular?

Recent news showcase fast food chain McDonalds as pioneers of the self-service phenomenon, committing considerable funds and resource to deploy self-service across the country. MCR Systems Director Matthew Gatter discusses the benefits of self service and future market considerations. "Many of our new customers are now getting increasingly engaged and involved in the benefits which self-service brings. This technology promises to bring a new dawn for retailers. As reports show millennials are the future buyers of years to come, we must consider their preferred methods of interactions. Technology will always win and shape the future buying experience."

With over 49% of millennials preferring to use self-service versus a traditional checkout, what business benefits are materialising which add fuel to the virtual fire?

Increased Revenue

Retailers and restaurateurs are experiencing higher values per transaction, generating additional revenue. The cause behind this is being described as increased upsell opportunities, which are done in a less obtrusive manner and providing customers with more autonomy.

Another factor being attributed is the fully controllable, customisable aspect. An MCR client Tortilla operates a fully bespoke menu with no pre-set items, also served using their click and collect offering. Finding their customers are forever adapting their food choices to become more unique, customisations also increase revenue by adding additional ingredients or add-ons. When combined, the average transaction value is increased.

Increased Customer Experience

Self-service kiosks allow store staff to focus on customer experiences. As the in-store experience now begins from the moment a customer walks through the door, historically it used to be at the first point of contact at the cash register. As the market sets to move towards the self-service model, MCR Systems are proud to facilitate the technological needs for many different types of retailers. Matthew concludes "The University sector has always been ahead of the trend, but they have seen some terrific results from implementing self-service kiosks within their campus stores. Soon, every restaurant and retailer will be using self-service kiosks and MCR will be will be at the forefront of delivering this technological revolution."

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