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Why So Many Businesses Are Switching From Paper Receipts to Digital Receipts

We have now reached the stage where limiting the effect we have on the environment is rightly at the top of many businesses’ and customers' agendas. Doing away with paper receipts and moving towards e-receipts is another positive step in the right direction.

In this blog, we’ll look at the key reasons why switching to e-receipts is a good idea, not just for your business but for your customers too:

Understand Your Customer

One of the key advantages of using e-receipts, is unlike anonymous in-store transactions, you can link the buying behaviour to the person and better understand your customer.

This allows you to analyse spending behaviour and tailor marketing to the individual, to help increase customer loyalty and encourage additional spending.

Valuable Data

Offering an e-receipt, gives you the perfect opportunity to gain consent for sending further email communications.

Sending personalised content, offers and coupons will allow you to engage with the customer, you can even send surveys, or request reviews. Not only will this encourage repeat visits but will also present up-sell opportunities.

Improved Customer Experience

Going digital is convenient for customers, as they no longer have to hold onto a pile of paper receipts that are easy to damage or lose. Switching to e-receipts makes exchanging or refunding goods a straightforward process and helps to improve the customer experience.


Over half of the 300 million receipts printed every year in the UK are non-recyclable.

The thermal paper, used for over 90% of paper receipts, is coated in bisphenol-A (BPA) or bisphenol-S (BPS). These harmful substances, used to react with the printer heat and keep your receipt legible for longer, are damaging to the environment and can contaminate other materials ready for recycling.

In contrast, digital receipts create no physical waste and save companies money on printing equipment and consumables!

France has already made a commitment that e-invoicing will be enforced by 2024 and paper receipts will be eliminated.

How MCR Systems Can Help

To give our clients more insight into their customers and provide an eco-friendly alternative to paper receipts, MCR Systems has developed an e-receipts module within our Symphony software. To find out how it works or for advice on using e-receipts, contact us on 0116 299 7000 or email


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