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Why You Need to Switch to Sustainable E-Receipts

In the UK, 11.2 billion receipts are produced annually, generating 1.5 billion pounds of waste. However, many people are unaware of the significant environmental impact and potential harm to human health caused by thermal paper receipts.

Environmental impacts

Unsustainable thermal paper receipts are printed on non-recyclable thermal paper and used as standard in most supermarkets and shops.

The thermal printing process releases harmful substances into the air, consumes over 250 million gallons of oil, 1 billion gallons of water and 10 million trees, contributing greatly to our carbon footprint. This non-recyclable waste then ends up in landfill, having a huge detrimental impact on the environment.

Health concerns

Thermal paper receipts are coated in substances called BPA and BPS, which are harmful when ingested and have been banned from other plastic products, such as water bottles.

BPS can be absorbed through the skin and linger in our bodies for months. Traces can easily accumulate and cause harm. BPS is known to cause hormonal imbalance, infertility issues and other problems.

Switching to Sustainable E-Receipts

Paper receipts no longer fit with consumer’s eco-conscious mentality and digital lifestyle. A sustainable alternative is to switch to digital E-Receipts, reducing waste and our impact on the environment and our health.

A recent study by The National Defense Council (NRDC) found a single paper receipt emits 2.5g of carbon from paper production, cutting, shipping and printing, before ending in landfill.

In contrast, an email receipt generates around 0.3g of carbon – which is 7 times less!

How MCR Systems can help

MCR has E-Receipts functionality with the ability to receive a receipt via scanning a QR code on the POS media screen, or the self-serve kiosk - cutting down the requirement for receipts.

Saves time

The E-Receipt is a VAT receipt and the exact copy of the receipt that would be printed. A digital copy saves users time as they can upload the receipt as proof of payment for expenses.

Reduces waste

Automatic receipt printing can easily be turned off to reduce waste. Customers can still request a physical receipt instead of it being automatically issued at the end of a transaction.

All app users will receive their receipt automatically within the APP for all purchases made via the app.

Switching to E-Receipt will remove 1.8m receipts from landfill, based on an average 8cm receipt size.

To learn more about our E-Receipt functionality and how it can help your business, call our expert team on 0116 299 7000, or email


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