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Manage your restaurant with our point of sale systems.

Table plans

A table plan can be used to represent table seating areas such as restaurant, terrace, bar, mezzanine etc and table information such as customer name, table number, covers and table group can be displayed.

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Table colour coding

Table colour coding is used to inform users of the status of each table - e.g. available, seated, ordered, bill presented, bill finalised, cleaning, reserved etc. The system is flexible and can be adapted to work in different styles of restaurant operation.

Wireless handheld ordering system

One of the latest innovations that we have introduced is the SymPOS GO. This has been designed specifically for the hospitality industry, allowing for orders and payments to be made on the move.  

SymPOS GO will help eliminate billing errors, save on labour costs, provide up-selling opportunities, improve customer service and ultimately improve bottom line profits.


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