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Loyalty, Click & Collect and EPOS software.

After winning a successful tender, MCR Systems collaborated with Tortilla to deliver an exceptional software offering. Empowering Loyalty, Click & Collect and EPOS software provided the right ingredients for success.


In 2017, Tortilla set out to find a new software provider to better manage their restaurant estate. With unprecedented recent growth and ambitious future expansion plans, they sought a reliable EPOS system to further drive their success. After a thorough tender process, MCR Systems rightfully secured the opportunity to become Tortilla's strategic EPOS partners in growth. 


Steve Bottrill, Operations Director for MCR commented "Tortilla felt they had out grown their previous system and went out to tender looking for an omni- channel solution that was more scalable and robust. We are delighted to be working with Tortilla and to be their chosen EPOS partner. As they continue to grow their estate, we are confident that Symphony is the ideal solution for growth. "


When looking for an EPOS provider, Tortilla were impressed with Symphony's holistic software approach. A fully inclusive software system, the Symphony suite of products delivered on all the ideal requirements. Matthew Gatter, Managing Director of MCR Systems said, "We have invested heavily to build the Symphony product suite from the ground up to be a scalable application, built around service-orientated web technologies. This architecture ensures Symphony is fast becoming the product of choice for any organisation looking for flexible enterprise level solutions."


Preparing for future expansion, Tortilla were looking for truly innovative and forward-thinking EPOS suppliers. Having a cloud-based solution was key, as management wanted to control the data from a central location. This scalability allowed each individual EPOS system across the estate (regardless of quantity) to accurately update management information and reporting. This enhanced business intelligence and insight is vital to everyday business.


Chloe Staples, Marketing Director for Tortilla said "The day to day reporting element is very good. At both store level and finance level, it is easy to break down and understand. It is easy to pull all the information we need. There hasn't yet been a situation that the data we need to see is not available". With the live reporting functionality, every piece of hardware is connected and updates in real time giving management true data insight.


Paul Hudson, Business Development Manager for AURES Technologies UK says "We are delighted that such an innovative and delicious restaurant brand like Tortilla chooses to use our hardware as part of this great EPOS solution with MCR Systems."

100% Customisable


After a successful pilot period, the entire software and hardware roll-out needed to be completed within a 20-working-day period. MCR Systems are renowned for their professional speed of implementation and principle to delivering above and beyond for their customers. Chloe Staples, Marketing Director at Tortilla said "we were keen to roll-out the whole estate within a 4-week period and MCR pulled out all the stops to accommodate this, delivering a smooth deployment to all sites."


Using the exceptional Symphony software on high quality AURES terminals was part of increasing the average order time in store. With the previous EPOS causing hiccups at the checkout, MCR Systems were able to deliver a simpler, faster to use system. Site managers were most pleased with the MCR Software, and each transaction processing time is reduced by 50%, exceeding throughput targets and providing overall reliability.


Since using the new EPOS system, on-the-floor staff users have seen consider able benefits. Tortilla is unique as there are no pre-determined menu options and every customer order is unique to include different ingredients. This extends the amount of time entering information into tills, causing delays in throughput. During busy service periods, slower throughput leads to a less desirable customer experience. Chloe commented "the menu tiles on the EPOS are really fluid and can be customised per store and changed for different periods (i.e. breakfast, lunch). "

QR Codes for Campaign Tracking


As part of their customer experience model, Tortilla were looking for a digital way to track vouchers and offers. Paper vouchers would often get lost, double counted or assigned to the wrong campaigns. Using smart QR technology, each voucher is scanned, automatically loading the customer, date, campaign and offer details. When reporting on campaign success, Chloe now has reliable data to make enhanced business decisions.


The additional benefit of using QR codes at the till front is to save on staff training. Reducing the amount of manual repetitive tasks has led to decreased human error and allows staff to focus on delivering excellent customer service. Chloe commented, "Our staff don 't have to read the physical voucher with the QR codes, and new staff don't need to know where e very single thing is as the QR code does the work for you".

Loyalty Programmes


The Loyalty Programme has been one of Tortilla's key successes with MCR Systems. To have a specialist EPOS provider with loyalty functionality was one of the key deciding factors when switching over to MCR Systems. In a highly populated restaurant environment, Tortilla were looking for a solution which was as customisable and bespoke as the Tortilla Menu itself.


Loyalty schemes and programmes are highly effective in generating customer awareness and encouraging returning revenue. In the restaurants and food sectors, the highly populated marketplace means generating a regular stream of revenue becomes difficult. MCR Systems offer a loyalty app which was totally customisable and branded to Tortilla's requirements.


So far, Tortilla have grown a base of over 100,000 Loyalty customers, each receiving specific promotions and messages every month. Marketing Director, Chloe Staples commented "loyalty is one of the strongest motivators for a customer to come back into store."


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