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 Bespoke training courses specifically designed around your requirements.

Training is an essential and imperative part of any IT project, with the success of the project depending upon high quality and focused training courses.


MCR Systems specialises in bespoke training courses specifically designed around the customer's requirements. 


We will analyse your specific training needs during the project initialisation meeting and our trainer will design the course based upon these requirements. Training notes will be specifically designed and based upon the user's knowledge of IT and control systems. Following all training sessions, documentation is provided. 

Beginner training modules

One day courses designed for new users of Symphony Back Office and our EPOS solution; SymPOS. This course covers everything a new user needs to know, from daily maintenance tasks and programming, to new menu creation, discounts and promotions, deposits, reporting and overall POS operations.

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Advanced training modules

Become a Symphony expert with a one- or multi- day course. Building on existing knowledge, this course allows you to learn advanced features of the Symphony Back Office giving you a greater understanding of more complex tasks and functionality. Really get to grips with Stock Management, Loyalty and Promotions, or learn how to make best use of SymLive and Data Management tools to help drive your business forward.

Refresher training

Bespoke 2-hour or half day training sessions on specific area modules of your choice - all you have to do is let us know in advance what topics you’d like to cover, and we’ll book in a training session with one of our technical specialists. Get to know your software inside and out, and benefit from increased user efficiencies and customer experience.

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