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University of Glasgow

MCR Systems developed and implemented a single, unified cashless solution that now provides the  students with a single purse balance for on-campus catering and photocopying/printing resources. 

The University of Glasgow is part of the prestigious Russell Group and is renowned for being in the top 1% of universities worldwide!



The University of Glasgow faced significant challenges when their existing EPOS system, which had been in use for over five years. The system had become outdated and the security protection licenses had expired, leaving the university's network vulnerable.

The university also encountered various difficulties with their EPOS system provider, including a lack of support and insufficient guidance. The technical support provided fell short, with prolonged waiting times and a noticeable lack of responsiveness.

In response to these challenges, Head of Retail at the University of Glasgow, Ronnie Webster, undertook a thorough evaluation of the existing systems. He initiated a tender process to find a suitable replacement that not only addressed the current issues but also offered additional features like stock visibility and handheld terminals for efficient stock-taking—features notably lacking in their current system.

The university evaluated various bids and MCR Systems stood out as a top scorer during this evaluation, demonstrating their commitment to meeting the university's requirements.


MCR Systems successfully provided the University of Glasgow with Symphony, a modern EPOS system that addressed their specific needs. MCR’s feature-packed solution incorporated Symphony's Stock Manager module, aiding the university in minimising the risk of overstocking or understocking by providing real-time updates on inventory.

The MCR Stock Checker, complete with barcode scanning feature, offers the university a fast and precise way to manage stock across campus, reducing the time it takes the team to get products on the shelves.



  If you’re looking for a 21st century EPOS system tailored for the future, one that significantly enhances customer service and expands your customer base through app technology, then MCR is absolutely the system and provider I would recommend.

The support network is spot on – whatever we need, we get. MCR want to find the solution for us.

As a result of the relationship they had built with the team at MCR Systems, the university broadened its service offerings. This expansion included the implementation of self-service kiosks, loyalty programs, voucher systems, and mobile technology, featuring MCR's comprehensive order and payment solution, SYMPOS GO.

The implementation of MCR Systems’ innovative solutions not only addressed the immediate concerns of security vulnerabilities and outdated technology but also enhanced the overall retail experience for the students at the university.  


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