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In today's customer-focused world, where exceptional service is vital for building and retaining loyalty, organisations must enhance customer interactions while closely monitoring every touchpoint. Seamlessly integrating all transactional information into a unified database is crucial.

Enter VisiT, a revolutionary solution that not only captures comprehensive booking details but also intertwines them with customer contact records, providing a holistic view for staff.

VisiT offers more than just services; it provides a comprehensive and adaptable system tailored to meetthe unique ticketing needs of any organisation. This is achieved without imposing additional fees ortransaction charges. The key advantage lies in providing contact data for ticket retrieval, whether indigitalor physical form, ensuring seamless customer information capture.


The online aspect of  VisiT focuses on a user-friendly journey, offering an enhanced ticket purchasing experience across various channels. Users can effortlessly modify bookings, add items to their shopping baskets, and receive instant electronic transaction confirmations, ensuring a seamless and gratifying online experience.

Explore the benefits

Personalised interactions

Staff can personalise interactions using complete customer profiles.

Reduced unsubscribe rates

Get better correspondence, ensuring a strong platform for future communication and data gathering.


Data sync allows for automated follow-up emails and post-visit communication, keeping engagement ongoing.

Data opportunities

Simplifies the challenge of capturing customer data at the point of sale, especially for large groups or anonymous customers

VisiT Solutions


Our booking services extend beyond conventional boundaries, reaching customers through various touchpoints - online, point of sale (POS), contact centers, or self-service kiosks. This approach ensures convenient engagement for customers, whether at home, a physical venue, or through self-service options.

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VisiT eCommerce

VisiT offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly adapts to your organisation's unique booking requirements while ensuring a user-friendly experience.

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VisiT Communication Creator

VisiT email marketing delivers dynamic campaigns with instant tracking and continuous enhancementbased on real-time insights. Detailed reports analyse key performance indicators, empowering marketing teams to measure ROI effectively. 

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