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Windows Patch Management

Protect your assets and keep your systems running smoothly.

Securing your organisation against cyber threats and optimising device performance go hand in hand. Windows Patching is the key to achieving both.

What Windows Patching?

Windows Patching is crucial for protecting your devices and data from cyberattacks, as missing patches can expose vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

Windows Patching also improves the performance and functionality of your Windows devices. This includes fixes for items, such as improved security, productivity, and accessibility options.

Bugs fixes for errors that might cause your devices to slow down, crash, or malfunction are also part of Windows Updates.

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Facts you need to know!

  • 95% of all cyberattacks target unpatched vulnerabilities.

  • On average, it takes organisations 106 days to patch a vulnerability.

  • 30% of businesses do not have a formal patch management process in place.

  • 68% of cyberattacks exploit vulnerabilities that have had a patch available for over a year.

  • The average cost of a data breach caused by an unpatched vulnerability is £3.2 million.

  • 56% of organisations have experienced a successful cyberattack due to a missing patch.

How MCR Systems can help

Windows Patch Management as a Service

MCR Systems use a state-of-the-art patching engine, from NinjaOne, to schedule patch management to your POS Windows Operating System during non-peak hours. 


We’ll try re-issuing the "Critical" and "High-Risk" patches, and report monthly with recommendations for remediation.

Cyber Essentials Plus as a Service

The MCR Systems SecOps team will be your trusted eyes and ears. 


MCR Systems will complete Windows Patch Management as a managed service to the POS units in-scope and will ensure all "Critical" or "High Risk” patches are applied within 14 days of the update being released - specifically, where the patch fixes a vulnerability. 

This is a requirement for the UK government's Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

How our solutions have helped our clients

Client 1:

Customer: A public research university in the north-west of England.
Requirement: Request for full CE+ solution for 23 POS to improve security posture.
Outcome: Rolled out in 2 days, cadence up from 27% (June 2023) to 87% (October 2023), providing an increase of 60%.


Client 2

Customer: A company that provides food, hospitality and support services to various sectors and clients in the UK and Ireland.
Requirement: Organisation requires full CE+ solution for over 400 POS to align with company goals.
Outcome: Patching cadence currently at 97% (October 2023)


Protect your business today

Don't be part of these statistics. Contact MCR Systems today to discuss how our patch management solutions can protect your business and keep operations running smoothly. 

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