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POS Peripheral Solutions - Disinfecting & Cleaning

Important precautions before cleaning your Aures hardware

  • Turn off the power to the device and unplug the power lead from the mains.
  • Select non-abrasive cleaning cloths only. The best choice is a microfibre cloth.
  • Never spray or pour the disinfecting liquid directly onto the till.
  • Always spray it onto the cloth and make sure no liquid is dripping from the cloth.

Powering off your MCR Till

  • Log on to the Till
  • Press the Date / Time button
  • Press Exit
  • Press Shutdown Till, then OK
  • Never switch the Till off using the Power Button or the Mains Plug.

Advice about your Touchscreen Till

  • Use always new or freshly cleaned cloth
  • Use minimum quantity of liquid, which has to be sprayed over the cloth
  • Don’t use classic alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners.
  • Don’t press too hard when cleaning
  • Don’t use nails or hard materials to clean hardest spots


Suggested disinfection procedure

  • Turn off the power and disconnect the power cord.
  • Ensure there is no fire or heat in the vicinity, if you are using isopropyl alcohol. • Ensure there is adequate ventilation if you are using bleach.
  • Dampen a clean, microfibre cloth with your chosen disinfectant.
  • Do NOT spray the disinfectant directly onto the system. • Ensure there is no liquid dripping from the cloth.
  • Disinfect the surfaces of the product starting with the touch screen, as this is the area that is touched the most.
  • Repeat step 3 if you are using the bleach solution, but this time use another clean cloth dampened with clean water. Ensure no water is dripping from the cloth.
  • Let the system dry before reconnecting power.

 If in any doubt, please contact or on 01162997007 


Suggested disinfection products

Isopropyl Alcohol 70%-75%, also known as Rubbing Alcohol 

  • NB Higher concentration levels than 75% can reduce the effectiveness against viruses
  • Diluted Bleach, at 1 part Bleach to 99 parts Water
  • Disinfectant Wipes ??" be sure that the packaging states that the wipes are Disinfectant

POS Peripheral Suggested Disinfection Procedure

Remember to ensure to follow the guidelines at all times, your safety and that of your colleagues and customers remains a priority