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Birmingham City University Students' Union

Enhancing student experience & improving operations with self-service kiosks

Long wait times for face-to-face service are often a recurring issue, especially in educational settings. Birmingham City University Students' Union (BCUSU) recognised the need to reduce these wait times and simplify their services. With the pandemic making these issues more pressing, they approached MCR Systems for a solution.



MCR Systems collaborated with BCUSU to implement a series of self-service kiosks on-site, which seamlessly integrated with the MCR Symphony solution. These kiosks functioned identically to staffed tills, offering full control to staff over screens, products, and updates. Additionally, the system provided detailed insights into sales breakdowns across each kiosk.

The self-service kiosks offer a wealth of marketing opportunities for the student union. Serving as touchpoints for engaging with students, they provide an ideal platform to promote upcoming events, special offers, and student initiatives.

With access to comprehensive remote support, downtime was also minimised for BCUSU, and the need for manual cashing up was eliminated.


The introduction of self-service kiosks has had a transformative impact on BCUSU's operations and student experience:

  • By relieving staff from constant till duties, they can now focus on operational tasks and engage more with students on the shop floor, enhancing customer service

  • Savings on staff wages have been achieved without compromising service standards or speed, allowing resources to be reallocated to other areas within the union.

  • Positioned BCUSU as an innovative, customer-focused organisation.

The implementation of self-service kiosks at Birmingham City University Students' Union demonstrates how technology can improve service, streamline operations, and boost satisfaction in educational environments.

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